Sniggerless Boundulations by Morgan Bell

Dab of Darkness

BellSniggerlessBoundulationsWhere I Got It: Won a copy

Narrator: Jon Severity

Publisher: Morgan Bell (2015)

Length: 58 minutes

Author’s Page

This book contains 15 short stories, some of which are considered flash fiction or micro fiction. Stories included are: “The Tunnel”, “Deep Water”, “Shark Fin Soup”, “The Dermoid Cyst”, “Mrs. Jackson”, “It Had to Be Done”, “Granted”, “The Package”, “Strings and Ribbons”, “Mini Play”, “Tiptoe Through the Tulips”, “Poppycock”, “Telfer Speck”, “Earth Mites”, “Garsdale”.

They are mostly suspense-filled pieces. Most of them I quite enjoyed. There are some real thoughtful gems in this collection, capturing in stark light the darker nature of us humans. My three favorite stories were The Dermoid Cyst, Earth Mites, and Shark Fin Soup. There were a few stories that flew by way too swiftly for me & were over so abruptly I was left bereft and wanting more. A few left me with…

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