Day 4: Ten facts about me

  1. I have photographed Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller
  2. I have interviewed the director Ramin Bahrani
  3. I am a crazy cat lady, short-haired tabbies are my weakess
  4. Almost all of my best friends are gay men
  5. I am asexual and aromantic and identify generally as queer
  6. I am an atheist and a feminist and have taught Primary Ethics
  7. I am diabetic, a very misunderstood autoimmune disease which is often paired with depression, but the insulin needles don’t hurt
  8. I love flowers but over-water plants, I can only grow money tree succulents
  9. I was an army cadet in high school, attending a bivouac camp and debutante ball
  10. I watch a lot of baby name videos, not because I want to have babies, but because I find name meanings, etymology, derivations, and shortenings endlessly entertaining; two of my favourite names for each gender are Christopher and Samson, and Edith and Clover
Morgan Bell circa 1998 – Army Cadets Debutante Ball